Otto Knows & Avicii – Back Where I Belong turns 2 years old

When Otto Jettman and Tim Bergling first met they were young boys growing up in Sweden. Though they may have dreamed, there’s not a chance they would have seen how their music careers would develop. The childhood friends worked their way into the music scene, becoming known as Otto Knows and Avicii. Their success as individuals came around similar periods, with Otto’s smash hit ‘Million Voices‘ taking the world by storm, whilst Avicii’s multitude of tracks spearheaded by the iconic ‘Levels‘ dropped around a similar time. Taken under Sebastian Ingrosso‘s wing, Otto Knows continues to develop and grow as a producer, providing some huge hits along the way. The story of Avicii’s rise and fall from fame is well documented, however throughout the period in which both artists were at their best, they decided to come together to create ‘Back Where I Belong‘, which turns 2 years old this week.

The track didn’t have the same world-conquering impact of previous music that their pair had produced seperately. Despite this, the blend of each of the Swede’s incredible skill and attention to detail formed an impeccable musical relationship that resembled their long-lasting friendship. Released around three months prior to Avicii’s final ever live performance at Ushuaïa Ibiza, the lyrics tell a story when viewed from the perspective of Bergling, who was set to retire from touring at this stage:

I’ve been everywhere, nothing is new
And I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do
I’m nothing without you
Without you I’m nothing at all
Now I’m back where I belong
No matter where I’m from
It’s been here all along
I finally made it home
The meaning behind the lyrics is speculative, but it would appear that Avicii was giving an insight into how he felt with the prospect of freedom from the demanding world of music. The instrumental comes in a typically high quality, feel-good way, and is a fitting memoriam to the pair’s friendship. Avicii’s death came as a shock to the world, and notably his dear friend Otto, who has been largely inactive since. The last release involving the two Swede’s was Otto’s remix of Tim’s track ‘Without You‘, and is a fitting memory of their musical talent when working together.
Back Where I Belong‘ was by no means a classic, but is a dignified collaboration of class, skill, and most importantly two friends doing what they love with one another, and certainly deserves its plaudits.
Listen to Otto Knows collaboration with Avicii here:

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