Premiere: ANGEMI Feat. Re Bel – Show Your Flame (ANGEMI x Wasback Festival Remix)

Rising Italian born, Amsterdam based producer Wasback, has given us yet another monster tune and this time, he’s premiering his festival remix for ANGEMI’sShow Your Flame‘ via We Rave You. The 19 year-old with a knack for knocking tracks out of the park has certainly hit a home run with his newest remix. Releasing on several of the most reputable labels in the world such as Spinnin’, Maxximize, Revealed, and most recently Protocol Records the evolving producer certainly has plenty of talent to back his age.

The original Smash The House debut tune, receives an enormous festival inspired flip, giving ‘Show Your Flame‘ a new breath of life. Where the original excelled in creating a laidback feel and overall becoming casual listen, Wasback flips the script, delivering a huge main-stage thriller guaranteed to get you out of your seat.

The fusion of tropical house inspired sounds in the tunes intro/interlude and big room progressive elements that carry the tune into the drop are a telling tale of the remixers. While Wasback played a crucial role in the tunes development, when asked about the remix’s origins, Wasback responded,

“Angemi asked me for a remix, when I sent him the final version he loved it so much he wanted to work on it! And that was the final results”

That’s right -it wasn’t just the youngster who worked on the tune, the festival remix of  ‘Show Your Flame‘ actually functions as an original remix and a VIP edit of sorts for fellow Italian ANGEMI who also work on the remix with Wasback. The collaboration between the two certainly seems to have paid off as the tune is an absolute smash and almost certainly will get played across plenty of your favorite festivals this summer.

Take a listen to ANGEMI and Wasback’s festival remix to ‘Show Your Flame‘ via Spotify below: