Rumoured preview of Alesso & Sebastian Ingrosso collaboration surfaces

One of the most lethal pairings in dance music, Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso have already proven themselves as superstars in their own right. Two months ago, Alesso posted on Instagram that he and Ingrosso had some surprises coming this summer. It seems this project has been coming to fruition throughout the past few months. Fans have speculated over whether they think the track will be more on the future bass side of things, or more lenient towards progressive house. Recently, an audio clip surfaced online, showcasing a track which is rumoured to be the long-awaited collaboration.

Both Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso have hefty tour schedules that include destinations all across the globe. It seems every other year that fans start to ponder over the idea of the two swedes collaborating on a new track together. They both have supported each others careers immensely throughout the years. In 2016, Alesso and Ingrosso both declared that it was time for “vocal house”.

The track alleged to be the collaboration has an highly nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the 2011/2012 sound. It is clearly abundant with tribal influence, and has all the hallmarks of an Alesso anthem, paired effortlessly with Ingrosso’s addictive signature sound. Many expected the collaboration to be more pop-friendly, but the resulting track appears to be a energy-fueled anthem with an infectious rhythm.

Check out the rumoured collaboration below.