Nicky Romero – Duality

The golden age has returned, Dutch maverick Nicky Romero has unveiled his latest single, “Duality“. Fans and followers have been eagerly awaiting this song for weeks now ever since the DJ declared in his own right that “Progressive is back“. Between his ID with KO:YU he premiered at Ultra and this new track set to drop on his label Protocol on June 22, it would appear that the man is right.

Progressive house music was responsible for many people all over the world falling in love with dance music, whether it is the melodies, the vibe, or something we just can’t put a name too. Of the many decorated artists who have contributed their own chapters to the sub-genre, Romero is one of the most prominent. He is a master of cunning electro mastery with stage ready firepower. Going back into the archives, we remember hits such as “Like Home“, “Let Me Feel“, and of course “I Could Be The One“. Throughout the past few months, Protocol Recordings has been consistently releasing some heavyweight jams from artists like Lush & Simon, FaderX, and Teamworx.

Duality features smooth guitar melodies and surreal instrumentation that mounts into a beautiful melody. With quite the buzz being built with less than two weeks until it releases, this record could surely become the song of the summer. Romero’s signature synth lead is alive and bright in “Duality” as we are treated to some progressive delight.

Check out “Duality” set for release June 22 below.