Sirra – SLR 001

After a busy eighteen months, Solr Recordings presents Sirra. The Englishman has made his debut on the label with his album, ‘SLR 001‘; a 10 track masterpiece. It offers a mixture of progressive house and dance floor tracks showcasing some of Sirra’s melodic talents.

The album opens up with the first track, ‘Drive‘. Boasting a brooding, melancholic vibe, the track is soaked in reverberant lead synths and arpeggiators, while orchestral strings and pulsating basslines add the perfect amount of polish. The next track, ‘Eleven‘, maintains a similar vibe with a touch of brightness. Making excellent use of panning and stereo separation, Sirra creates space for each element to cement its own place in the mix.

The following track, ‘Rosser‘, brings back the darker vibes introduced by ‘Drive’. Possessing a slight Techno influence, the punchy kick and plucky bass roll together in harmonious unison to create a free-flowing listening experience. The 4th track on the album, ‘Storm‘, pushes a darker tone, yet creates an abundance of energy with pulsating arpeggiators, bright reverb-soaked chords and warm basslines; much to the delight of the listener.

Next in line is ‘Stay‘. The listeners’ attention is instantly captivated by the booming kick. The track’s sombre tone works well in conjunction with the soundset. Making excellent use of delay in the drop, the kick and bass combine swimmingly with a contagious dose of bounce and swing. The next track, ‘Snel‘ opens up with a bright, rapid hi-hat pattern. Following a minute-long hat-driven intro, an infectious kick and bass pattern emerge, sweeping listeners off of their feet.

The following track, ‘Stop & Falter‘ boasts a strong Trance influence with its pulsating bass, bright reverb-soaked leads and outspread chords. As all the elements unite as one, a bell-like synth comes and goes, creating a futuristic, space-like feel. Returning to the progressive house vibe is ‘Lyon‘. Once again making great use of reverb, the arpeggiator, strings and gospel-like synths all combine to deliver a fully immersive listening experience.

Moving back to the album’s opening track, ‘Drive’, Sirra treats listeners to a beautiful orchestral edit of the track. Decorated with violins, cellos, harps and delicate piano keys, the alluring elements integrate to create a sound astonishingly pleasurable to the ear. Following the orchestral intermission, the final track on the album, ‘Deckard’s Dream‘ jumps back into the progressive house side of things. Choir voices and pads combine to create a spacious feel in the background, while the pulsating bass and punchy kick work seamlessly in unison.

Be sure to listen to ‘SLR 001’ below and grab a copy here!

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