Skrillex breaks long silence with reassuring heartfelt message

After some time now, Sonny Moore aka Skrillex has broken his long silence with a reassuring message. The former half of Jack Ü, has seen an extended time of riding his own wave, but nothing overtly new or challenging creatively has been coming out of the Skrillex camp now for more than a year. Of course there’s the tracks he’s been listed on as a producer or co-producer and the remixes etc… but the show stealer Skrillex that everyone knew and loved has come to a stand still and it seems more personal than anything to do with music as Sonny let the world in on.

The modern dance music phenom took to Twitter putting to bed the claims he’s retiring or uninspired musically, saying, “I just needed time to be a human for a bit.” In the bigger picture, Sonny is extremely influential in going about his personal time the way he has. With all the recent deaths across the music and entertainment worlds, most of which from suicide & depression, mental health is becoming a big concern in the industry – knowing when you’re at a breaking point yet being able to affectively deal with and handle the stress that comes with being an artist are large and ultimately vital tasks to the longevity of an artist career.

Whether it be the pressures of the industry, the strain of expectation, or maybe something more personal Sonny wanted/needed to deal with, regardless, the news is Sonny is all well and ready to soon begin the next chapter in his musical career. Ritually after a time of much needed rest and relaxation, artists are able to follow the silence with some of their best most in depth, creative work just like Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds‘. Not to jinx the creative process, but maybe we’ll be hearing from Sonny about a potential new project in the works?

Rumors aside, take a look at Sonny’s message via Twitter below: