SLANDER & Bret James – Slow Motion

Since first making waves on the electronic dance scene in 2014, it has been nothing short of action-packed for SLANDER, the American duo who consistently deliver their unique sound and a wave of original productions. So far this year both Derek Andersen and Scott Land are proving a formidable force in and out of the studio constantly evolving with every track release and earning themselves a huge fanbase in the process. While the duo is known for their bass-infused productions having released a traditional dubstep track ‘Move Back‘ with Wavedash, SLANDER has revised their bass layered grooves to deliver a refreshed sound to their newest production. The duo team up with LA-born and raised Bret James for their new track ‘Slow Motion‘.

SLANDER fans do not fear because ‘Slow Motion‘ still packs the punch. The track is a perfect example of the duo’s dynamic style and ability to produce unique productions with attentive detail. Step back and indulge yourself with the tracks velvety beats and blissful lyrics as ‘Slow Motion‘ takes the listener to an entirely different world. Smooth basslines and irresistible melodies are just elements of the musical genius and expertise both Derek and Scott possess as producers along with co-producer Bret. Feel the rich emotion as ‘Slow Motion‘ delivers a sound like no other.

Attendees of EDC Las Vegas kown just how impeccable this track is with SLANDER playing ‘Slow Motion‘ to a packed crowd during their performance at the music event just last month. The duo is in for an exciting summer season with live appearances across the sunshine months ahead. Stay tuned with SLANDER, the pair is finding their stride and there will be more to come from the American duo. Get lost in ‘Slow Motion‘ below and let your emotions delve deep into the blissful sounds of SLANDER.