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Steve Angello confirms Swedish House Mafia 2019 tour: “In 2019 we are back!”

Rumours circulate so frequently that it is often difficult to keep up. In particular, rumours about the Swedish House Mafia‘s future appear daily, with more speculation arising as to what they will do next. Questions are asked about the possibility of an SHM tour, new releases, and a number of other prospects. Thankfully, recent revelations have started to answer some of those questions, and Steve Angello – one of three group members alongside Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso – has cleared things up in a recent interview.

The interview initially does not target Swedish House Mafia related news, but instead looks at Steve’s incredible charity work. Having set up a charity project by the name of “For vårt Sverige“, translating as “For our Sweden”, the work he is doing aims to help children who are in need or struggling with some aspects of life. The project involves building music studios in schools, building skateparks, and raising money for other charity projects within numerous areas of the country. The inspiration for his work came from an experience he had when in India, where he helped a casteless 2-year-old, which resulted in the security and driver leaving his group as it was seen as disrespectful to help such a person. Reflecting on this situation, and his own past – which is well documented and can be briefly listened to through the extremely moving Wild Youth video – Steve decided to embark on this ‘new path’. His most recent interactions involved visiting a school, where he spoke students and teachers, aiming to inspire and share experiences, and joining in with music classes. The motive to push this project and help those in need is what makes Steve Angello unique, which he shows through the fact that all proceeds from his tour in Sweden are going to charity. Though a number of producers are involved in their own charitable projects, Angello reflects his desire to impact others through his music, and empower people to do what they can to make a difference, notably through this section of the final track on Wild Youth:

Together we can change the world, make it a better place
Make it a place of happiness and unity, undivided
Let’s take a moment together to gather strength and start this day feeling as important as it can be
The power is ours. Take a moment

Steve Angello’s powerful message through his music made for an iconic moment during the Swedish House Mafia reunion set, where his track Remember was used during a short video that shows the trio back before the split in 2013. Now, just over two months on from the set, answers are starting to come out. After the comments made by Axwell during an Axwell Λ Ingrosso gig in New York about a show there, Angello faced the inevitable question at the end of the interview. When asked about SHM’s future, Steve responded:

It’s happening, of course. All details aren’t set, but in 2019 we are back!

Though no official tour dates have been released, Steve’s response coupled with Axwell’s on stage remarks about New York look pretty positive for SHM fans waiting for a tour.

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