Steve Aoki & Deorro x MAKJ x Max Styler – Shakalaka

Electronic masterminds Steve Aoki, Deorro, MAKJ, and Max Styler have all teamed up for a massive genre crossing track, ‘Shakalaka’. Aoki and Deorro are no strangers to working with each other, as recently as 2016 the two collaborated on ‘Be Yourself‘. Before that, the two also joined forces with Diplo for the mega electronic collaboration, ‘Freak‘. This time with the addition of MAKJ and Max Styler, the quartet of producers debut ‘Shakalaka’ another mega collaboration.

Where ‘Freak’ was a massive trap anthem representing each artists distinctly signature sound, ‘Shakalaka’ keeps the same breaks structure and ambiance throughout, not necessarily representing every artists individual capabilities and signature sounds. That being said, even though the tune has a consistent structure, it certainly does express some major influences and stylistic switches, including an obvious ode to Spanish mariachi where the interlude of the tune seemingly takes the listener on a exquisite holiday to Spain.

No matter, the tunes stylistic intricacies and trance-like tenor throughout the drop certainly make for an interesting listen. If you listened to this tune without expectation, there’s sure to be a pleasant disconnect between what any fan would be expecting and what the final product is. For the artists credited, it is a refreshing change of pace and the track’s drastic genre flips certainly attribute to the creative ability of its production personnel.

Between MAKJ and Max Styler alone, the two make a diverse pairing. In the grander picture, MAKJ lives in the world of progressive house and Styler in the world of pure pop/electronic, so a collaboration between just the two would ultimately be difficult to predict on its own sound-wise, now add in both Deorro and Steve Aoki – two heavy hitters who consistently break the barrier of genre, and it’s truly a party.

Listen to Steve Aoki, Deorro, MAKJ and Max Styler’s genre defiant, ‘Shakalaka‘ below via Spotify.