Sunlike Brothers – Hypnotize

Swiss DJ/Producer duo Sunlike Brothers have released their debut single, ‘Hypnotize‘. Consisting of Andrea Bonomelli and Pascal Minder, the two aim to put themselves on the map and become one of Switzerland’s best-known acts. Thier latest single marks the beginning of their journey.

The track opens up with a bright female vocal and bouncy pluck synths and eventually swaps over for pitched-down vocals, before the interchange at the build-up. As the drop arrives, listeners are met with flamboyant lead synths, booming basslines and a punchy kick, with bright hats and claps to go along with it. Boasting all the elements of a catchy EDM tune, this well-produced track released via Silky Tones wields the potential to do well.

Individually, Andrea Bonomelli has already had commendable success as a DJ. Boasting various performances in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, he is one of the biggest DJ talents on his native country. Pascal Minder, on the other hand, has had a passion for music since his teens and continues to develop his music career. He also has been working as an independent entrepreneur since 2012. He has already worked with major international TV channels.

Listen to ‘Hypnotize‘ below and grab a copy here!

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