Former Pendulum member Ben Verse initiates “Mind State, Vol. 1” album raising awareness for Mental Health

Spearheading an initiative that needs much attention, a prominent collection of producers and DJ’s alike have come together to make “Mind State, Vol. 1“. The focal point within the undertaking of the album is to promote mental wellbeing through the impetus of good ole’ Drum and Bass. There have been a slew of events in the past couple months throughout the EDM world and beyond that have all called into questions of mental health, proper support networks for those in need, and strategies to best mitigate the harm it causes. The project was initiated by former Pendulum member Ben Verse, and 100% of the profits will go to charities.

The album is a 17 track ensemble containing records from artists involved in many unique walks of electronic music. Along with the album, the very first ever 24-hour festival of Mental Health, Wellbeing & Music; Getahead, is set to take place in London, June 13th. Ben comes with first-hand experience regarding mental health in the workplace, and he has witnessed taxing tour life and other stressors that come with being a musical artist. He gathered motivation and sparked this project when he approached AEI Group and Getahead with the whole “Mind State” concept.

The former Pendulum member Ben Verse illustrates the goal of the album as the following:

To fuse the legends with the new school and create a unique compilation of upfront drum & bass tracks, whilst shining a light and making a statement in the fight against mental illness

Too often than not do we hear the tragic news that an artist’s mental health has lead to severe repercussions, or in the worse case, death.  The mission statement in this compilation album is to address and rectify the ultimatum that health, and in particular mental health is paramount. This sonic journey undertaken by all the artists, managers, and promoters involved in this project are proving an excellent point that this industry surely could benefit from.

Musical speaking, this album contains some of the finest and most meticulously crafted Drum and Bass records you can find today. With a splendid cocktail of artists such as Proxima, Groves, Sub Focus, and Benny L, many of these tracks are a refreshing take on an established sound.

Touching on the album, you can find some firsthand quotes from the artists themselves below.

The Prodigy:

We’re very proud to be involved in this project to help raise awareness of mental health & well being, respect to the initiative Getahead for making changes out there.


The reality of risks to mental health in the music industry is something everyone should be talking about. We all love music but don’t always appreciate the price artists often pay to create it


Mental  health  in  the  solitary  work  conditions  in  the  studio  and  the  intense  pressure  that  comes  with touring  is  not  a  given.  It’s  great  that  people  are  trying to  take  steps  and  support  those  people  that need  it,  I’m  happy  to  do  my  part  however  small  and  I  hope  everyone  else  does  too!

Just as Getahead Records and the organizers behind this campaign are proving, it is important to consider that change doesn’t always have to occur from a top down approach. There are little things we can all do to work towards vitality and help supporting awareness for mental health. It is at the individual/grassroots level were some of the best ideas are truly fostered.

Check out Mind State, Vol. 1 below!