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Today's music industry contains many

Third Party – Free

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Today’s music industry contains many artists who are highly commendable, but none so much as Third Party. The British duo have long stunned audiences with their timeless releases such as ‘Everyday Of My Life’ – (which recently celebrated 4 years since release), with the pair impressing crowds with their newly launched LIIIVE concept show in Liverpool last month.

The last single the duo released was a collaboration with Pete K and Cory Lasser titled ‘Like This’, yet they have long teased their second album, which is currently in the works. After a long series of teasers and IDs in their live shows, fans have finally been blessed with the release of their brand new single ‘Free’ –  taken as the first track off their upcoming sophomore album.

The blistering production opens up with euphoric vocals and futuristic melodies that prime the soul for a journey of emotion, then follows up with signature Third Party atmospherics and synths leading up to the drop. Spine tingling vocals continue to play which draws focus from listeners while in the background the melodies are continuously building up to a drop which in itself drives and demands a feeling of hope and joy.

For many artists, the main reason of making music is for it to resonate with the listener and hopefully strike a certain feeling in them and Third Party have yet again successfully achieved that with this release well before the 90 second mark of the song. The hands-in-the-air moment that renders the most rigid of listeners into a state of euphoria arrives just before the second drop, increasing the the overall feel of positivity about the track and concludes the meteoric record, leaving the listener wanting more after 3 minutes and 48 seconds of pure bliss.

You can grab your much needed copy of this single here or stream it online and let us know in the comments what you think of this new chapter in the incredible Third Party story.

Third Party

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