Tiësto & Showtek’s monster collaboration ‘Hell Yeah!’ turns 6 years old

Dutch legacies Tiësto & Showtek haven’t combined for much recently, however around the break into the 2010’s it was the western worlds exposure to dance music and both their individual works and collaborations certainly broke through the lime light. In fact, it was their major collaboration ‘Hell Yeah!‘ released 6 years ago on Tiësto’s home base label Musical Freedom that really brought a new level of awareness to the genres of progressive house and electro house across the pond.

Reflecting back on the tunes inception 6 years ago, so much in the dance music realm has changed, and whether for the better or worse (which is always up to personal opinion regardless), the tune truly cemented itself in dance history as a major genre influencer. Tiësto and Showtek both have a knack for bringing out the hits in one another as well, with ‘Hell Yeah!‘ and its commercial success, the next time the two came together was on a Tiësto remix of Showtek’s party anthem ‘Get Loose‘. The tune was so well received that even with the falling out of the progressive house/electo house genre over the years, the tune still receives a size-able amount of play out across the better half of the western world and Europe.

Regardless, the signature sound of ‘Hell Yeah!‘ lives on despite the current state of the  progressive house and electro house genres, after all the genres not only had a large bearing in the current state of the electronic music world, but served as a true starting point for the commercialization of our favorite larger genre in dance itself. With that being said, what better than to go back and revisit Tiësto & Showtek’s classic tune ‘Hell Yeah!‘, not only to focus on its 6th year since release, but to go back and truly indulge in the drastically different past of dance music.

Revisit Tiësto and Showtek’s ‘Hell Yeah!’ below: