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BREAKING: Tom Swoon releases first statement since drink driving incident

In December, the electronic music industry was shaken by the news that Tom Swoon had been in a car crash, driving while under the influence of alcohol. The crash tragically caused the death of a woman, and Swoon was arrested soon after. Understandably, his social channels have remained quiet ever since, but yesterday he unexpectedly broke the silence.

Tom Swoon made a statement on his Facebook page, uploaded by a third party who received the statement by letter, a photo of the handwritten letter was attached to the post. At the end of the letter, Swoon announced his decision to end his career as a musician, and “focus on things way more important”. Having produced a number of iconic hits over the years, his departure from the music industry will be felt by many.

His future is still uncertain, and it remains unclear just how long he will spend in prison for his crimes. Fans from around the world shared words of encouragement in the comments, many of whom idolized him during his career as an artist. Many shared their sadness that such a promising career was ended so suddenly and tragically.

Take a look at the full statement on Facebook below.

Dear fans, dear friends: I was thinking about reaching out to you for a long time now.But for many various…

Posted by Tom Swoon on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

23 year old dance music addict from the UK.

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