Up High – The Grind

Greece based DJ/producer Up High, makes his debut to UK’s Panther’s Bass House channel in preparation for his newest bass house release, ‘The Grind‘. The rising yet still relatively unknown producer has seen a recently successful remix of David Guetta & Martix Garrix‘ ‘Like I Do‘, and a well received tropical house styled original ‘Don’t Matter‘.  With much of his productions edging on a brimming space in commercial house it would be a surprise not to see his name become a recognizable one within the coming months if he can keep up his creative output.

With his latest release, Up High experiments with traditional trap styled vocal samples and an experimental g-house/bass house styled tune in ‘The Grind’. The tunes deeper more static synth lines progress the tracks heavy kick hat groove. The repetitive almost entrancing vocal reels you in while ‘The Grind’s ‘ simplistic yet effective sound design keeps you listening through to the tunes gripping end.

Sitting on several ID’s and at this point just waiting for the right time to debut his creations, Up High can most definitely put his personal stamp on 2018 if executed correctly. Quoting the Athenian, Up High reiterates,

“Although most of my tracks fall in the Bass House/Future House/House category, I do not like restrain my creativity. I do not think there is anything wrong with just creating what you feel like. That’s why every now and then I like to release a track a bit different than my usual sound.”

With several of his latest releases coming all from the house genres, hopefully we will truly get a sense of Up High’s ability to produce across the genre boundary with some tracks outside of the house genres. To an experienced ear, the only question of his creative output and to directly make an impact on the house scene comes from his ability to produce seamlessly across multiple genres.

In the meantime, listen to Up High’s, ‘The Grind‘ below via Spotify.