Zedd speaks on his near death incident involving Tesla

Multi-instrumentalist and music producer Zedd has taken to his social media to show the other side of the story about Tesla‘s autopilot feature. In some concerning events that have unfolded in recent times, Tesla, the multinational corporation that specialises in electric cars, has been under fire with some bad press about its autopilot feature crashing in the cars which have the feature installed in them. Anton Zaslavski (AKA Zedd) has now spoken out how this very feature saved his life while he fell asleep at the wheel. The ‘Clarity‘ star, who is an owner of his own Tesla car, wrote on Twitter:

“I once fell asleep driving home late at night on the highway (w/ autopilot on) and got woken up by it beeping + turning off music to wake me up. Would have prob been dead without it.”

One social media users asked the DJ how he knew he was asleep with Anton replying how he had not touched the steering wheel for a couple of minutes. This is when the car detected the music producer was asleep, turned off the music and started beeping. The miraculous story of Tesla’s features working to such good effect is certainly better music for Elon Musk’s ears, and his continued support for the car manufacturer has been backed up by Zedd’s fellow DJ and producer Ghastly, who mentioned that the bad headlines are all for the clicks of the media.

It’s a huge relief to hear that Tesla’s autopilot feature has potentially Zedd’s life, especially given the new upcoming project he revealed recently. Just around the corner is his all new ‘Zedd In The Park’, to be hosted on 3rd July, which consists of a huge LA outdoor concert which he revealed just last month.

Check out the tweets made below or catch the full conversation over on his socials here.