Zedd releases new trailer preview for ‘Zedd In The Park’

Global pop and dance sensation Anton Zaslavski, aka Zedd, has released an exciting new trailer for his newest event entitled “Zedd In The Park. The announcement which came earlier this year turned plenty of heads in the build up to the announcement through cryptic, and quirky social media posts which ultimately led to the joint announcement through both Zedd and event partners, Insomniac Events.

The first time event will take place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, on TuesdayJuly 3, 2018. Not only is this Zedd’s first ever major event in this style outside of his 2017 ACLU benefit event, but it’s also the first event to take place in LA’s historic state park since re-opening after the parks remodeling back in April 2018.

The show is bound to be historic as there are so many firsts involved. It could be good or bad for the outdoor event, but there are already some pretty major expectations set for the show. It also bears mentioning Zedd’s supporting cast for the event consists of a new and blossoming trio of talent including Oliver Tree, Medasin, and Whethan who over the past few years have been making their own incredible marks on the dance-pop world. Plus Zedd also recently announced the addition of Brownies & Lemonade All Stars.

The four star in the events trailer opening up with plenty of scenic shots of the park in order to detail the venues entirety, all the while giving viewers a better glance at the newly remodeled park’s gorgeous open design. Set to Chachi & Dstar’s remix of ‘The Middle‘, the four frolic around in the park promoting the show and enjoying some skittles showers, and waffles. The 52 second trailer although not as lengthy as some other event trailers, certainly gives off a fun and engaging atmosphere for the show.

Take a look at Zedd’s newly released “Zedd In The Park” trailer below: