Zedd shares sneak peak of new track on Instagram

In one of his recent Instagram stories, the LA-based producer Zedd gave his fans a small sneak peak of a tune he’s been working on, hinting that it could see the light of day fairly soon. Still riding the huge wave behind the success of his latest single ‘The Middle‘, Zedd is not wasting any time in the studio, working towards a new hit worth of his stature as an artist. While we’ve been used to many pop singles lately, this one seems to be more centered around his electronic roots, which would make sense as festival season has just begun!

The Instagram story seems to be coming from his studio, and as he reminded fellow producers that “Automations are important. Take great care of them, kids.”, he also gave us a short insight on an arpeggiated synth line. This could mean that the track is almost wrapped up. Given the sound, could this mean a return to tunes such as “Clarity” and “Beautiful Now”?

Make sure to stay tuned on his Instagram as¬†hopefully, he will share more updates on what could be his next big single. And if you’re in the LA area on July 3rd, you could have a chance at hearing this track live during his own festival!