Afrojack says inspiration for ‘Give Me Everything’ came during a shower in surprising interview

After a long stint as one of the genres top influencers and hit makers, Afrojack has continued to push the boundaries of electronic excellence with each of his releases. However, in this instance, we’re not looking in the present, or forward with the Dutch producer, in fact it’s the exact opposite – we’re looking at his past and not just how he came up with some of dance music most brilliant productions, but where.

That’s right, another publication sporting another attention grabbing title, but this one isn’t just for show. It’s come out from the man behind the production himself via an interview with Billboard of “How It Went Down” that one of dance musics top hits circa 2011, ‘Give Me Everything‘ featuring Hip-Hop and R&B stars Pitbull and Ne-Yo, came to Nick while in the shower.

The Dutch superstar in a haste not to forget the tune jumped out of the shower throwing a towel on to lay down one ofthe productions of a lifetime, in the interview Afrojack said,

“[It was a] very, very happy, basic, simple tune…I think I was in the studio for like five hours with the towel around me, and I made like the whole instrumental of the track.”

It all came to fruition after a session in Miami while when playing a couple demos for Mr. 305 he stumbled across and played a cut of what would eventually become ‘Give Me Everything‘ and Pitbull immediately connected to the production according to Afrojack,

“He lost his mind…He said, ‘This is it.’ And I think Pitbull recorded his verse in three or four takes…I think no one could have expected it would be the biggest song of that year.”

Revisiting classics are always nostalgic, but learning the origins behind ‘Give Me Everything‘ puts the tune in better perspective. Listen to the dance hit below and see if knowing the tune came about during a shower gives it any different of a feel.