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Armin van Buuren & Shapov – Our Origin

With both Armin Van Buuren and Shapov coming off brilliant Tomorrowland weekends, the two have joined forces yet again for another trance anthem entitled ‘Our Origin‘. The tune which is a follow up from the duos previous collaboration ‘The Last Dancer‘, sports an obvious nod to Hans Zimmer’s scored soundtrack for Interstellar. In fact, the 2014 film has played an important role in several modern day commercial tunes stemming across all genre, hip-hop, dance and pop. However, it’s both Armin and Shapov’s keen mind for sound design and sonic structure which steer the tune into a realm of their own.

Despite the title even being a acknowledgement of the direction, ‘Our Origin’  keys in on certain nostalgic aspects of the films soundtrack – keeping listeners intrigued and guessing where the familiarity lies. It’s only right when you are about to guess how the tune sounds familiar where Armin and Shapov give the tune it’s entrancing edge. With echoing synth lines, beautifully spaced strings and awe inspiring chord work, the tune sounds something out of a dream. Master class production from both the veteran and the new comer give old school trance fans a true peek as to who the baton is slowly being passed to.

Armin even opened his wondrous Tomorrowland set with a specially edited version of the tune – so while it’s debut may have been July 23rd, it’s world premier was July 22nd via Tomorrowland’s main-stage. Need verification? It was even announced via Shapov himself who took to Twitter with a video of himself and Armin before it’s debut.

No matter whether you attended Tomorrowland live or watched via the stream, the tune has made it’s way to all platforms, so be sure to take a listen to Armin Van Buuren & Shapov’s newest tune, ‘Our Origin‘ below: