Axwell & Dirty South 'Open Your Heart'

Axwell & Dirty South’s ‘Open Your Heart’ turns 10 years old

There is something special about every Axwell single which makes every record the Swedish legend puts out a timeless classic — and his epic collaboration with Dirty South featuring Rudy – ‘Open Your Heart’ – is no exception to that rule. Having just hit its 10 year anniversary this year, ‘Open Your Heart’ stays beloved to fans everywhere and remains one of Axwell’s career-defining tunes to date.

The track has recieved various well-recieved remixes and bootlegs over the years, most notably Ivan Gough & Jebu‘s Vicious 21 remix, but none compare to the surreal vibes the original gives. From the initial few notes to Rudy’s soothing vocal intertwined with Dirty South’s magical chords, ‘Open Your Heart’ is truly one of the Swede’s finer works, even after 10 years.

Relive some of the nostalgia and give one of dance music’s most timeless classics another spin below: