Burnic & Guillaume Devocelle – Collide

Assuring that they leave their mark on the Dance music scene in France, Lille based producer Burnic has come to collaborate with fellow Frenchman Guillaume Devocelle for their latest single titled ‘Collide’. The two producers, one from Lille and another from Arras, cut short the negligible distance that separated the two in their country to deliver a truly astounding production which is packed with ample punch for any listener. A thoroughly instrumental production throughout, ‘Collide’ is a statement release from the two producers and builds on sumptuous production technique to showcase a very Don Diablo-esque output.

Kicking off with soothing notations, the track swells in mood with the advent of beautifully crafted synth which is accompanied in tandem by the burgeoning beat-work. While the track runs through the rounds, one thing that comes beautifully through is the childish serenity that the two producers cut out for listeners, making it a very enjoyable listening experience. Assured to make it big on the charts across the internet, the track has garnered a decent following on Soundcloud into the 9th day of its release. You can check out more music from Burnic here and from Guillaume Devocelle here.

You can purchase ‘Collide’ from any of the options here.

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