Colony – Red (feat Jordan)

Trinidadian Producer/DJ; Colony has returned with another hard-hitting Trap single titled, ‘Red‘ featuring Jordan. His last release, ‘Thunderbird‘, proved to be a major hit, boasting dark vocals chops and brooding horns. The track has also earned more than 48,000 plays on his SoundCloud account.

‘Red’ opens up with dark, ominous basslines and lead synths, accompanied by smooth female vocals before transitioning to a smooth breakdown, where a warm piano & guitar work in tandem to create a calming atmosphere. Following a short, minimalist build-up, the hard-hitting drop arrives, filled with quick vocal chops, wailing leads and a powerful, distorted bassline.

Following the first drop, the vocals reappear as the strong bassline persists. Filtered synths linger partially before the tranquil elongated break takes over the airwaves. Once again making good use of warm pianos to compliment the vocalist’s tenebrous nature, the track eventually reacquaints listeners with the encapsulating deep sub bass and kicks as the drop arrives once again.

Boasting an impressive back-catalogue of work, some of Colony’s best tunes have been known to fetch up to as many as 60,000 plays, with tracks such as ‘StayWitMe‘, ‘Wilder Heaven‘ and ‘Thunderbird’ all earning more than 40,000 plays each. With credentials like these, keeping an eye on Colony is a must.

Be sure to listen to ‘Red’ below and download it for free here.

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