Destify – MakeUp (feat. Io Renner)

Hailing from Hawaii, Destify may not be a name that many dance music fans will be familiar with just yet, but with over 10 years experience working in the background in the industry, he is finally ready to take the leap into the limelight. From his background of teaching the tips and tricks of using Logic X to aspiring producers, to his musical scores for TV shows, this talented producer has always had music running through his veins. He has just released his new single “MakeUp“, featuring vocals from Io Renner, who cowrote “Taste The Feeling” for Coca Cola/Avicii, and had his voice in their “Hey Brother” Coca Cola Commercial.

“MakeUp” has a distinctively pop vibe, with a feel-good factor that will leave you wanting more. Combining elements of tropical house, future bass, trap and pop, it creates a unique and refreshing vibe throughout. At the heart of the track, Renner’s soothingly smooth vocals provide the backbone to the track, whilst Destify’s creative production skills are exemplified perfectly. Blending some of the best components of commercially appealing dance music, typified by lush chord progressions, and a vibrant rhythm, Desitfy and Io Renner have joined forces to create a track that is assured to be appealing to a broad and diverse array of listeners.

Be sure to add “MakeUp to your summer playlists now.