Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike & Hardwell – Unity

Two of the dance worlds biggest names collide for one of the most anticipated festival songs of the year. That’s right, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have teamed up with Hardwell to debut their bouncy new tune ‘Unity‘ via Smash The House. The two artists who have tons of individual success with songs like ‘Spaceman‘, ‘The Hum‘, ‘Apollo‘ and ‘When I Grow Up‘ the duo have never released a song together after some long standing differences, but that’s about to change.

After a surprise b2b set with Hardwell in Antwerp that seemingly squashed any beef between the two, ‘Unity‘ Hardwell along with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike gives listeners a taste of pure electro house bliss. The tune has a title which could be interpreted several ways. To fans that may want to read into the issue a bit further, the title ‘Unity‘ could be a interpreted as an in writing truce between the two artists to the world – or, ‘Unity’ could simply refer to the songs sonic structure in which the tune pays homage to several genres including progressive house, electro house, and hardstyle. Either way, you can bet the wholesome tune will make its way across several festivals worldwide, including Tomorrowland this weekend where both Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will be gracing the main stage.

With no official announcement from the DJ’s about the track, Twitter is raving about the release of the tune just in time for Tomorrowland. If that’s not enough for you Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Hardwell have taken to the social net work to address future releases starting with DVLM’s announcement that a Tomorrowland EP is coming in the next few days.

As well as Hardwell’s heartfelt message surrounding his follow up to his massive song ‘Apollo

In the meantime it’s all about ‘Unity‘, so take a listen to Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Hardwell’s newest via Spotify below: