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DJ Mag 100 DJs – #VoteHardstyle

It’s that time of year again, as voting for the infamous DJ Mag Top 100 DJs is officially open. Fans of electronic music from all around the globe are invited to cast their votes for their favourite DJs and producers to have them rank as high as possible in the list. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Top 100 DJs poll. As part of this landmark year, DJ Mag have announced they will be releasing exclusive historical content throughout the voting period to commemorate the anniversary. For a second consecutive year UNICEF, the global children’s organisation, is the official charity beneficiary of Top 100 DJs.

The Hardstyle scene is home to one of the most passionate crowds in the world. Fans around the globe feel a powerful connection to this innovate style of music, the events and above all to each other. This year, the ambassadors of this genre have put forward an original campaign, inviting fans to:

Put your family first: Vote Hardstyle!

The initiative concept for this unique campaign comes from some of the biggest names in the Hardstyle scene: HeadhunterzWildstylez, NoisecontrollersCoonand Villain. By taking a stand together, the ambassadors of the harder styles aim to represent one of the world’s most dedicated scenes and bring it to the DJ Mag Top 100 in a way that shows what it is all about: Solidarity.

Headhunterz has recently returned to hardstyle after he had moved on in 2015. Following a series of memorable performances, unique releases and months of self-exploring, Willem Rebergen AKA Headhunterz marched back onto the hardstyle scene in September of last year with a surprise festival performance at Defqon1 where he gave a speech announcing his return to the genre.

You can watch the video campaign on Youtube below. Also be sure to cast your votes on DJ Mag’s website.


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