Home Uncategorized Exclusive interview: David Allen opens up about his latest track ‘Prophet’
Dr. Shiver's prodigy David Allen is

Exclusive interview: David Allen opens up about his latest track ‘Prophet’

Home Uncategorized Exclusive interview: David Allen opens up about his latest track ‘Prophet’

Dr. Shiver‘s prodigy David Allen is back again with a brand new single after his summer anthem ‘Chemistry’ with Art&Music Recording label head honcho Dr. Shiver. This dreamy tune titled ‘Prophet‘ shows off David’s progressive roots. Featured in the Tomorrowland aftermovie now it is finally set to go.

At just 20 years old, David Allen’s irresistible Progressive House sound has attracted the attention of some of the industry’s elite, including HardwellDavid GuettaNicky RomeroDimitri Vegas & Like Mike and many more. With a plethora of releases on Art&Music Recording, Allen is rapidly developing a name for himself. We Rave You recently caught up with the young Italian Producer/DJ for an enticing interview!

Congratulations on your latest record ‘Prophet’, it’s sure been one of your most anticipated tracks to date. What’s the story behind this record?

“’Prophet’ was born last October from a very old project chord progression. I always like to go over old projects, even just for fun, but if something has a strong base to build something on it, then it becomes really helpful… that’s exactly what happened! Also the melody in the break was taken from a very old project. If I can give an advice as a producer, don’t trash anything because you can always get inspirations from it.”

‘Prophet’ was also featured in one of Tomorrowland’s teasers earlier in December. What was your reaction when you saw it featured in the video?

I’m really happy about the support showed from the Tomorrowland team. The track got also featured in 2 of their Spotify playlists. This means a lot to me. It’s such a big team and it’s such a big festival… and there is a lot of music out there, so i’m really proud to see they picked up mine.

Topping the last question, it’s not the first time your music has appeared in such a prominent video. Your track ‘Kubera’ was also featured in the Tomorrowland 2017 aftermovie. How does it feel to be featured in one of the most sought-after aftermovies ever? In addition, how does the sign of approval from one of the world’s largest festivals influence your career and/or decisions while producing a track?

“For the second time in a row, it makes me even happier, and I was there watching the comments on the video of the track… people were asking about the artist and about the title since it was an ID. Music was speaking on its own and this is something that makes me proud of what I’m doing. I’m really thankful to Art&Music Recording who made this happen. I think this is one of the achievements that make you believe in what you’re doing and push you to keep working hard.”

Many people are claiming that ‘Progressive House’ is coming back, after Swedish House Mafia’s reunion, new releases from artists like Nicky Romero and of course, your track falls under the progressive criteria. Do you agree with this statement that the genre is making a huge comeback?

“I’m a very big fan of this genre, I feel it, and I think this can be a year full of progressive house vibes, we all miss it. There is another track ready!”

How is Summer 2018 looking right now for David Allen? Any interesting gigs or upcoming tracks in the pipeline? Share some exclusives with our readers!

“I’ve got a new release planned this summer and I’m really excited for it. It’s an edit of “Chemistry”, the track I made with Dr. Shiver and it’s gonna be out on Kryteria (Spinnin Records). It has been made by Kryder himself and I really look forward to it!
Last but not least, I just got the news that Tomorrowland wants to use “Prophet” again in a new video.. looks like it’s going to be a hot summer!”

Watch the music video below:

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