Exclusive Interview: Dr. Shiver & Jegers

Dr. Shiver and Jegers’s brand-new collaboration digs into the House side of things. Once again, the head honcho of Art&Music Recording puts the emphasis on his versatility as an artist, with some future-house flavoured vibes, teaming up with the rising Italian trio. Nothing can go wrong with ‘Rescue Me’ and it genuinely invites all kinds of music fans to enjoy what this record has to offer.

Having garnered support from the likes of David Guetta, Lucas & Steve, Promise Land and many others, Dr. Shiver and Jegers’s latest collaboration is definitely something to write home about. Following the outstanding success of the track’s release, the dynamic duo were kind enough to join We Rave You for an interview.

How long have you been a producers/DJ’s for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist? How did you three meet?

Jegers: Actually Alessandro Sala and I (Alessandro D’Aloia) have already known each other for years because we live close by and decided in 2013 to start playing music together. Alessio, on the other hand, lives about 750 km away.
One day, in 2014, we received a promo track from him and when we listened to it we were literally shocked. It was crazy! We then kept in touch and established a great relationship. In the same year we decided to create a new project all together called Jegers.
Each of us was a fan of SHM and also of Calvin Harris and it was our common taste of music the reason why we decided to start doing music together.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

Jegers: At the beginning we liked more progressive sounds, as we said. Then, when we started to play in clubs, we started to appreciate also a different kind of music like the one of Don Diablo and Twoloud. We started to be into this kind of music because it’s really catchy and rhythmic and it’s satisfying to play it because people dance all the time.

Tell us the story behind your new collaboration ‘Rescue Me’. What was the inspiration behind the record? How did the collaboration form?

Dr. Shiver: Well, actually the original idea was made by Jegers so they will be able to answer more precisely on this point. What I can tell you is that one day David Allen came to me and told me:“there is this Italian trio who sent me this demo, I think you should listen to it”. Once I heard it I thought that the breakdown and the structure were not working but the drop was a killer! So I asked the guys to develop the track as a collab!

Jegers: Well, we had an ID with a big potential so we wanted to finish it with someone who had great skills. We sent it to David Allen because we knew he was working for Art&Music Recording and we were hoping he would have Dr.Shiver listen to it.
Dr. Shiver thought that the drop was really cool even if other parts of the track required a lot of work. So he invited us to the Studios and we started to collaborate.

Could you describe to us the working process on this track? Also, how was the experience working with each other?

Dr. Shiver: When the guys arrived at the studio we immediately transferred the original project from FL to Cubase. Once everything was set I played and sound designed the entire breakdown also adding my Hammond B3 in the layer to create more tension. When the breakdown was ready, we moved to the drop to improve the sound design. After that we did the new structure. Everything was ready to go and the track was performing really well in our dj sets but after a couple of months, Jegers came with a brand new drop that was even stronger than the original. After finalizing the sound design, the track was finally done for real.

Jegers: For us, it has been an amazing experience. We used to work on FI but we also learned how to use Cubase because we had to transfer the project onto it.
At the beginning it was not easy but Dr.Shiver has been a great teacher and has helped us a lot.
He’s creative but at the same time really precise and technical. One of the best things ever was recording the breakdown with the Hammond.

‘Rescue Me’ has already received tremendous support from the likes of David Guetta, Nicky Romero and Lucas & Steve to name a few. How is the record going so far? Did it meet your expectation?

Dr. Shiver: Honestly I am very happy even if, I must be really honest here, I was expecting a support from Don Diablo… I still hope it will arrive in the next few days and that for me would be the cherry on the cake… But really, this is just a small detail. I am personally very proud of myself since almost all my latest releases done in the past 3 years have been supported by David Guetta!

Jegers: We’re truly glad to see that David Guetta played one of our tracks because he is one of the cornerstones of Dance music.
We already knew that it is an incredible track, however, it’s always satisfying to see that also other people and big artists think the same and support us after all the effort we put in it.
We still hope to receive supports especially from Hardwell, Don Diablo and, why not, Tiesto. This would be a dream come true.

You’ve been seen in the Art&Music Recording’s studios with Fatman Scoop. Is there anything interesting in the pipeline? Give us some details from your latest sessions in your studios in Italy

Dr. Shiver: I was actually working with him to record a vocal for a great track produced by my friend Georgia Mos. It was a super funny session where we got some issue with the computer. Once everything was fixed I said “I am a problem solver” and Fatman replied “you are a shit solver”. We laughed for 10 minutes.
The week after we did 7 days in the studio with the great Frank Ocean. I have never seen somebody working as hard as this guy in my life, who made 25-hours-non-stop sessions where also lunch and dinner were eaten in the Control Room A to save time.

As someone who’s been around for some and established his name. What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to aspiring producers?

Dr. Shiver: Be your self, stay humble, always believe in what you do, listen to advice from others, try to study and learn all the things that you are still ignoring and don’t forget to stand up again and again every time you fall.

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