Felix West – No Sleep

20-year-old up-and-coming producer Felix West has released his sophomore single, ‘No Sleep‘. Hailing from Cologne, Germany, Felix aims to combine his energetic sounds and catchy melodies with passionate story-telling in each and every song he creates. After the release of his debut single, ‘All In My Head‘, West’s follow-up single is ready to one-up its predecessor.

Following an adequate intro, a pluck melody arises, before a strong bassline enters, helping the track’s progression. On top of this, West extracts the lead vocal from Croatia Squad‘s ‘We Don’t Need No Sleep‘ and adds it into the mix to intensify the track’s ascension. As the breakdown arrives, the lead melody plays on top of subtle vocal slices and claps, creating a hands-in-the-air feel.

As the drop arrives, listeners are met with bright, layered lead synths backed by a strong rasping bassline, modified with tape stop effects. The second break possesses similar elements to that of the first, but a modified breakdown gives the track diversity, while its ‘swingy’ nature encourages listeners to dance, tap their feet and move with the music as they desire.

Be sure to listen to ‘No Sleep’ below and download it for free here.

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