Ferco – Reach The Stars

Almost always exciting to see new faces change the conventions of dance music and its production, and this seems to be the way that rising Hungarian producer and artist Ferco chose to take. Not one to shy away from the odd interview, the budding producer has been adamant about providing nothing but ‘positive values’ through the means of his releases. His single titled ‘Reach The Stars’ – released some nine months ago – is a sumptuous example of what he means. A thrilling new perspective on how house music is produced, Ferco’s track is one that turns conventional style on its head as he relies heavily on the melody to carry the track across.

Kicking off as any traditional house track would, ‘Reach The Stars’ sees the producer utilize his adept knowledge of guitar and electronic music, as one seamlessly transitions into another. It is with the rise of the backing chords that one can sense a little something different from the usual House productions as the Hungarian producer’s track breaks into an eerie yet mesmerizing, nocturnal-sort of melodic frenzy that quite beautifully dominates the beat-work. A refreshing production to say the least, ‘Reach The Stars’ is one of the many reasons that the multi-instrumentalist talent of Ferco will surely shine through in time.

You can check out more music from Ferco here.

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