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Exclusive Interview: Ferry Corsten discusses new single and what 2018 holds

One of the biggest names to have graced electronic music over the past 15 years needs very little introduction. Ferry Corsten‘s phenomenal impact with expert productions, mesmerising sets, and impeccable collaborations have made him both loved and respected. His solo work and collaborative mainstay with Tiësto as Gouryella in the last 90’s gave him his break through, pioneering the way things sound today with his iconic releases. With his new release with Jordan Suckley titled ‘Rosetta‘, coupled with taking on the Gouryella project on his own and igniting the UNITY Project, a self-conceived project, We Rave You caught up with the man himself to get an insight to what the future holds and get the low down on the new release.

2018 has been a pretty productive year so far with the birth of your UNITY project; how did that come about?

Having spent a lot of time in the last couple of years working on various solo projects such as the Gouryella concept as well as my last artist album ‘Blueprint,’ I didn’t have enough time to be able to work with other artists in my scene apart from vocalists. During various festivals or shows I would meet up or see other DJs and would make plans to work on something together, only to keep delaying it as I was busy with my own projects.

Meanwhile, after finishing my artist album, I noticed how my scene, the trance scene, despite being a niche market is a fragmented market at that. There are groups that only will play 140bpm, another 128… yet all claim to be in the same scene. I thought at this point that it would be great to work on a number of collaborations with various artists in my genre and come up with a group concept unifying our sound regardless of bpm’s…and that is how Unity was born.

Your new track ‘Rosetta’ is set to be released on July 13th as part of the UNITY project. Tell us about the track?

Rosetta‘ is a beautiful melodic trancer which evokes a strong sensation of discovery, hence the name Rosetta. The name Rosetta refers to the Rosetta stone which was fundamental in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

‘Rosetta’ is a collaboration with Jordan Suckley. What made you want to work with Jordan on the track, and how has he influenced the final product?

Jordan is a great producer and has been a steady name in the trance name for a while. I’ve always loved his energetic music and sets. When the topic of collaboration came up this was a no brainer. Obviously we both have our own ideas. By going back and forth we kept feeding off each other’s ideas.

You’ve already worked with Paul Oakenfold as well as DIM3NSION on the UNITY project; do you have more collaborations in the works?

Definitely. There will be one with Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, Ilan Bluestone, Gareth Emery, Arty, BT, and many more…. It’s all in the works.

Recent years have seen you rekindle the ‘Gouryella’ alias as a solo project, with a number of shows under the belt too. Is new Gouryella music planned for the future, and will we see any Gouryella on UNITY?

The Gouryella concept is a project on its own captained by me. We are definitely looking to release a new Gouryella soon, but for Unity unless I want to make a collaboration with myself…I highly doubt it.

What does the remainder of 2018 hold for Ferry Corsten, UNITY, and Gouryella?

We’ve got a whole load of releases from our label Flashover Recordings. For example, I am excited with the upcoming Unity releases…I’m really happy with the result of the new Ferry Corsten single ‘I Love You (Won’t Give It Up)‘. This is a reference to the ‘Punk’ and ‘Rock Your Body Rock‘ era. Last but not the least, I’m working on the current Gouryella single.

Check out ‘Rosetta‘ by Ferry Corsten and Jordan Suckley below, and let us know your thoughts!

Ferry Corsten

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