Rob Swire updates fans on Knife Party ID’s and confirms new 2018 EP

Here comes the news you’ve all been waiting for: Knife Party are back. Other than a remix of Pendulum‘s ‘Blood Sugar‘, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have been somewhat quiet under their Knife Party alias. Though the duo have been busy curating the remix album for one of their other projects – Pendulum – their work as a duo has been muted in comparison to previous years. However, Rob Swire has recently taken to Reddit in an Ask Me Anything (AMA), and through revealing a number of past stories and insights to tour life, Swire dropped some updates on his collaborative project with McGrillen.

The two highlights of the AMA are of particular interest to those waiting for new music from the duo. Firstly, Swire has revealed that a new EP is on the way, with the Aussie confirming that it shall drop in 2018.

Swire also gave some information on a number of the ID’s from previous sets. In this update he states that one of the tracks will “probably be used for Pendulum instead”, and that a potential collaboration with Kryder is “pretty much finished” but they are unsure as to whether it will be released. Check out the full response below:

Other interesting questions revealed some tour stories, clarity on long time myths of Knife Party, Pendulum, and Rob Swire, plus the answer to “Favourite EDM trend at the moment” and “Least favourite EDM trend at the moment”. Whilst Swire dodged the first questions, answering simply “None”, he did reveal that trap is his least favourite EDM trend at the moment. Words of wisdom from a musical legend.


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