Kryder & Steve Angello – Romani

Kryteria Records break out of the gate with the massively anticipated collaboration between Kryder and Steve Angello titled “Romani“. The track has been brewing for the last year ever since Steve Angello played it at Tommorowland 2017 in Belgium. Now, one year later the wait is over as Kryder celebrates the first release on his brand new label Kryteria Records while Steve Angello adds yet another all-star collaboration and unique record shortly after releasing his sophomore album, Human.

“Romani” is a track like no other, with cutting edge production prowess and that classic sounding groove only Kryder and Angello could construct, it is sure to make waves throughout this summer. In January, Steve Angello confirmed the lethal pairing in an instagram post that created a storm throughout the scene. As we have never experienced the two artists collaborating on a solo release before, the excitement is truly cranked all the way up. In an exclusive interview with We Rave You earlier this year, Kryder talked about how fired up he was for “Romani”. He mentioned the extensive road testing they both did in order to fine tune the track into its final shape. The track features a riveting groove bass line intersected with a long, drawn out break filled with Romani rhythms and instrumentation.

In an incredibly unique and intuitive way, Kryder and Angello have combined the two worlds of House music and traditional Romani music (Gypsy music). Historically, Gypsy music has its origins with the Romani people and resonates strongly throughout eastern Europe and beyond. This particular strain of folk music features flamenco guitars, heavy reliance on vocals, and very strong syncopation. You can hear the Romani style alive during the break of the track, before the progression starts to build and the beat kicks back in. Similar to how Avicii married bluegrass music with EDM, Kryder and Angello have gone off the beaten path and created something fresh as well.

Both artists have very busy schedules, and ambitious future endeavours ahead of them. Kryder has the launch of the brand new Kryteria Records in conjunction with Spinnin’ Records, while Angello has a world tour with the Swedish House Mafia around the corner. Kryder explains how:

Kryteria really is about taking a step forward. The label will focus on song writing and pushing up & coming artists I have found on my travels as well as collaborating with some of the biggest names in the scene.

Listen to gypsy-house anthem from the trailblazers Kryder and Steve Angello below.