LIVE: Shapov takes over Tomorrowland’s Axtone stage

Russian DJ/Producer Shapov is set to take Tomorrowland’s Axtone stage by storm at 16:50 via the Tomorrowland livestream. With hundreds of thousand set to watch from all over the globe, the rising young producer who see’s his third Tomorrowland performance on the Axtone stage will be gunning to win over both the ever growing live crowd on top of the massive livestream. Shapov is no stranger to the big stage as he debuted his tune ‘The Last Dancer‘ with Armin Van Buuren live at Ultra Music Festival in beautiful Miami to a crowd of nearly 165,000. Needless to say, the enthusiastic producer can command a crowd effortlessly.

The energetic young producer surely has a few tricks up his sleeve for the huge performance and coming of several other dates, Shapov is set to bring Tomorrowland and everyone watching to their feet. With plenty of new tunes in store, hopefully the world will get a taste of some new  music alongside his already recognizable sound.

Check out Shapov on the Axtone stage via Tomorrowland’s livestream below: