Ummet Ozcan

Live: Ummet Ozcan takes Tomorrowland mainstage by storm

Dutch DJ/Producer Ummet Ozcan is ready to set off Tomorrowland’s final day with a bang. Playing out on the world renown festivals mainstage, Ummet is ready to show fans and doubters alike that he is still a name to remember. Coming off some already incredible shows such as Bootshaus’ 14th anniversary show and even weekend on of Tomorrowland this year, Ummet Ozcan has proven he’s a force to be reckoned with both on and off the decks. Aside from his most recent incident in cancelling his show set at Zrcé Beach due to personal circumstances the dutchman certainly plans to bounce back from whatever held him back and tough out his second Tomorrowland appearance of the month.

With several set to party until there’s no music left or for those at home who plan on staying in to party, Ummet Ozcan surely provides some master class for the first 16:50 slot time to kick off the livestream. As someone who has pushed the boundaries of the electronic music scene from the time he step foot on it, it’s almost certain Ozcan will leave fans in awe.

Check out Ummet Ozcan live from Tomorrowland’s mainstage via the link below.