Lush & Simon will take hiatus following their latest single “Callin”

Italian duo Lush & Simon have decided to take a leave of absence. The progresso duo have delivered “Callin” as a means to bridge the gap between their past and future. The duo gained momentum a few years back with their tracks “Adrenaline“, “Hydrogen“, and “City Of Lights“. Their sound is captured through edgy bass lines, experimental soundscapes, and incredible energy. Released on June 1, the duo are designating this as their last track to be released for a while.

Lush & Simon are a part of the wave of producers that have gone on to produce a whole plethora of tracks supported by the industries biggest stars. They have releases on some of the most well respected labels including Protocol Recordings, Armada’s Trice Recordings, and DOORN Records. “Callin” comes as the 111th release on Romero’s label Protocol Recordings and features blissful sound design as well as that signature style we know and love.

To wish them well on their way, let’s take a look back at the career of Lush & Simon. Most notably, the duo received worldwide recognition when Hardwell premiered “Adrenaline”. The track really resonated well with fans and many thought it to be an ID of Hardwells’. The duo have a very vast discography which is full of many name stay progressive house tracks like “Ahead of Us” with Tom Swoon and “City of Lights”. Their sound is usually portrayed through rich vocals paired over very clean and energetic progressive vibes. The duo do lean more on the electro house side of the spectrum and have been supported by the greats like Avicii, Hardwell, and many more.

The duo are about to enter a quiet period, as they have told fans:

You must know, this is not an end, we’ll be back as soon as we are ready to show you something special. In one week, in one month or in one year, no matter when, whenever we’ll be ready we’ll be back for all of you. 
Thanks for all the love you showed us till today, it was, and will be our power in the future.

You can catch the whole post here.

Until next time Lush & Simon! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.