Martin Garrix debuts massive new ID at Milano Summer Festival

One of the youngest EDM superstars in back in the headlines following his recent release ‘Ocean‘ with fellow young talent and R&B sensation Khalid. That’s right we’re talking about Martin Garrix. The dutch producer recently preformed at Milano Summer Festival in Milano, Italy where he took the stage by storm making his presence known.

It’s few and far between now a days for Garrix to play out any full length ID’s or unreleased early stage tunes within his sets without a creeping fear they will end up as a leak online. His careful nature in regards to what he plays out usually means whenever there is a new track amongst the set list, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a telling sign the song is close to completion and or release.

With that being said, those signs have come to fruition as it was at Milano Summer Festival where Garrix graced the crowd with those blissful new Martin Garrix productions and you guessed it, they did indeed end up online. While this unreleased original light up the Italian crowd, it does still sound very rough. The one notable is that it contains that same recognizable Martin Garrix progressive house bounce. The tune resonates and sits comfortably alongside his previous productions like ‘Pizza‘, ‘WIEE‘ and ‘Bouncybob‘. Between the tunes swelling melody and ear catching harmonics, the massive ID surely has the quality to become a true progressive house masterpiece.

If you’re unable to tell by the crowd reaction to the unreleased track, Garrix stole the show in Milano. Afterwards the youngster took to Twitter thanking Milano for their company and my word did the fans turn out – the breathtaking photos of the festival truly illuminate the already bright path Garrix is headed. Take a look and listen to the captured footage of Martin Garrix’ latest ID from Milano Summer Festival below: