Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix – High On Life

Coming off of a hectic two weeks of shows at Tomorrowland and Parookaville, Martin Garrix has released his latest single; ‘High On Life‘. Having teased the record during a number of shows across the globe, the Dutchman’s collaboration with vocalist; Bonn has finally seen an official release on STMPD RCRDS.

While Garrix‘s commercial radio-influenced Pop hits have gained great exposure, his newest release goes back to his electronic roots. Backed by Bonn’s vocals, bright, powerful leads and uplifting chord progressions flood the soundwaves, as powerful basslines and booming kicks mesh together, creating an exultant listening experience. A bona fide festival-ready anthem, Garrix’s decision to close out Tomorrowland with the new release only seemed fitting.

As per usual, the world’s #1 DJ has been as busy as ever, performing 6 gigs in just 2 weekends, frantically travelling to and from Germany and Belgium. In addition to heavy touring, his newest collaboration isn’t the only one of late. Garrix recently teamed up with fellow Dutchman Dyro, as they premiered the track during Tomorrowland’s first weekend.

“Today I celebrate the end of a poisonous era in my career/life and the start of better times. I’m back baby.”

Listen to ‘High On Life’ below!

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