Martin Garrix showcases brand new tracks in spectacular Tomorrowland closing set

He’s created his path and is having the time of his life. He’s become the face of the future.

The words of Carl Cox show the impact that one person can have. Growth from a boy to a man, from a bedroom producer to a main stage DJ, and to closing Tomorrowland on Saturday night. Martin Garrix is truly unstoppable. His rise has continued to a new height where surely there isn’t much more for this man to accomplish. However, maintaining his position is key, and the fact that he does that so comfortably sets him on the way to legendary status. A monumental factor in this is playing the world’s biggest festivals, so Saturday night’s closing set at Tomorrowland certainly comes under this criteria.

The set itself came with some controversy in the way it was not broadcast on Tomorrowland’s live stream, unlike most of the other sets at the festivals bigger stages. On the other hand, Garrix has confirmed that this weekend’s set will be broadcast and uploaded.

In the Twitter upload, Garrix mentions how “magical” the set was, and that is something that is unquestionable. A number of ID’s made their way into the set, including upcoming collaborations with Dyro, and Blinders. Iconic Garrix productions such as ‘Animals‘, ‘Tremor‘, and ‘Turn Up The Speakers‘ all featured, plus remixes of his chart topper ‘Scared To Be Lonely‘, and his own remix of his newest track ‘Ocean‘. One of the most exciting prospects of the set came at the very end, with the new closing track dropping hopefully very soon. Bringing vocalist Bonn on stage for the special new track, that involves Matisse & Sadko as co-producers,  Garrix showcased the extremely progressive ‘High On Life‘, which you can view here. He also announced on Twitter that the track will be released very soon.

You can check out the set with its official tracklist here, and get in the mood for this Sunday’s performance.

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