Martin Garrix – Ocean feat. Khalid [Remixes Vol. 1]

When Martin Garrix dropped his new track ‘Ocean‘ featuring vocalist Khalid, you couldn’t have predicted that it would sound like it does. Completely chilled, definitely not for a festival set in its original form, and not a typical Garrix track by a long way. This doesn’t take away the fact that the track has an incredible sound, and the chilled approach taken by the young Dutchman has really been nailed. However, to drop it in his sets Garrix needed some remixes to choose from, and on the day that Tomorrowland really gets going 7 remixes have come in at full force.

The first of the EP comes from the man himself: Martin Garrix. Teaming up with Cesqeuax, the track sets off with a drum and bass feel to it, often injecting energy through speedy percussion and the overall tempo. The drop veers away from that, taking the same approach as Virtual Self‘s ‘technic_angel Remix‘ of ‘Ghost Voices‘ dropped at EDC, with a beat every two rather than on each beat. This gives the track a new dynamic, but probably wont give it enough to make an appearance in Garrix’s closing main stage set this Sunday.

Second up is Bart B More‘s remix, which injects some acid vibes through this house take on ‘Ocean‘. The track flows nicely, and doesn’t really have a ‘drop’ as such, but Bart B More’s remix gives it a rolling feel with the house drums and atmospheric pads. Coupled with an acidic arpeggio, the track remains surprisingly relaxed for Bart B More, who has often produced heavier tracks. Again, this one doesn’t really seem like a main stage floor filler, but it’s certainly a great track.

Next up on the list comes Cazztek‘s remix. An artist of Cazztek’s calibre always delivers, and he’s done exactly that. The teasing of a deeper bassline comes early in the track, but progresses whilst just teasing it, injecting some house drums and sweet pads before the energy really kicks up a notch. The drop fires things up with a deeper approach, blending some chopped up sounds from the track with some Malaa-esque bass house elements. This is one that would definitely make it into a Martin Garrix set, but probably not this Sunday.

Following Cazztek is Todd Helder, who takes the tempo up and goes straight in. The early speed and energy of the track is clear, and a mere 45 seconds in see’s the future bass style drop come flowing in. The shortest remix of the bunch at a tiny 2 minutes 20 seconds, Helder’s remix makes the most of its time, with a more commercially friendly sound in its drop. This could make an appearance, but would not stand out as first choice.

Silque recently remixed Matisse & Sadko‘s track on STMPD Records, and the Dutch duo are back with a fresh remix. Keeping things typically deep, as they specialise in this, the pair have put a dub sound on the track. Taking the vocal in its original entity and working solely on the instrumental, they reshape the track to their style, and make this club-ready deep vibe that will certainly be getting some play time from house DJs. Still, the list eludes what remix might be played by Martin Garrix this Sunday, as this one seems a bit too deep.

Okay, the list maybe doesn’t elude anything but the fact any DubVision remix is most likely going to get festival main stage plays. Progressive house masters in their own right, the Leicher brothers are specialists in remixes, with their ‘Scared To Be Lonely‘ remix having great success, whilst Axwell Λ Ingrosso were huge supporters of their ‘Thinking About You‘ remix. Putting their signature sound into the track, this one is ready for the main stage, so don’t be surprised if you hear Garrix dropping this on Sunday night. Pure festival vibes flowing through this track.

Last but certainly not least is Goja‘s thumping remix, which has some old Porter Robinson feels to it. The electronic sounds and soothing chords make for an impeccable build up. When the main vocal line comes in, the track takes a turn away from the melodic, happier side to the dark side with this bass heavy remix. A strong contender for being one of the best of the bunch, based on the unique sound and pure quality in the design. This remix rounds off the package nicely.

You can check out this unique bunch of remixes below – let us know YOUR favourite!

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