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Music is a vital component to the success of gaming

Few things in the world are as provocative to the mind as sound, the way music can really produce an emotional reaction has always been used by film makers and more recently video game producers. Video games are now telling stories more and more complex with every new release. Therefore, we are seeing more ‘cinematic’ features being a big part of this evolution of the music within the games. Video games have never just been a visual experience to the gamer and have always being somewhat of a complete ‘audiovisual’ experience.

A thrilling soundtrack accompanying a video game really can add to the excitement of the game and many of them just wouldn’t be the same without this music. It is a big part of what helps the games to attract players to go back again for more and keep playing. Background music is used to communicate many aspects of the story of the video game, signify wins and losses with recognisable sounds and convey different emotions throughout gameplay.

Music can really change the atmosphere or feeling within a game and can help to put the player in the right frame of mind for whatever challenge is going to be next to arise.

If you look at Fallout 3 this game is a great example of how music sets the tone of the game. The game is seen as having an isolated, dreary and empty theme to it, but this is no surprise when the game is accompanied by a soundtrack that can be described as just these things. If the game was played along to upbeat, uplifting songs it would be a completely different story and not the same experience for the gamer playing on Fallout 3.

Music was vital also in very early video games, designed to increase obsession with the games and to encourage compulsive playing. In early video games the accompanying music wasn’t epic but it was definitely always effective. An example of music in a game doing this is in the original Super Mario Bros. The tune that the developers decided to go with was one that was not irritating and didn’t become boring through repeated playing of the game. The tune is addictive and makes people want to keep playing and is now an iconic tune which people associate with childhood fun and happy memories. Even those who don’t play video games are likely to recognise the Mario theme, along with others such as that of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.

In fact, this concept has been adopted as far afield as slot games. Nowadays, every slot game has a theme which is accompanied by music which definitely enhances the overall game play. An excellent example of a game that is renowned for its theme music is the online slot Immortal Romance. It is one of the most successful slots of all time and a big part of this is down to its breathy and resonant music, which gives the player that added excitement and rush, which is unforgettable.

Background music really is a vital part of every successful video game and must never be overlooked in the creation of a new game. Music helps the games to become more of an immersive, all encompassing experience and enables the game to ‘draw the players in’. The familiar sounds of a ‘win’ within a game will be what players are looking out for and the music that signifies that have had a ‘loss’ will be something they dread. So, there is no doubt music will always remain integral in the development and success of any game.

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