Oliver Heldens discusses ‘Gecko’ in Musical Freedom documentary

Tiësto has been integral in creating and instilling a culture of creative integrity at his label Musical Freedom. After countless releases from plenty of artists, Musical Freedom does exactly what the label was sought out to do, let the artists express themselves how they know best uninterrupted and without limitation. In the labels new mini-documentary series entitled Musical Freedom Focus, artists such as Oliver Heldens, Jauz, and Brohug, (who will also join Tiësto at his Musical Freedom stage at Tomorrowland) talk on their development and expression alongside electronic legend Tiësto at his label.

In a Billboard interview, Tiësto goes into depth about these artists and the mini docu-series saying,

“It’s been exciting to see each of them grow, and see the success they have had since releasing on Musical Freedom. The label has proven to be an important platform in dance music, and has contributed to a lot of artists careers. With the Musical Freedom Focus series, we really wanted to show our fans a bit more of the stories behind our most important artists and releases, how they have evolved throughout the years, what they have been up to since their release, and how they keep freedom in music and creativity at the center of everything they do.”

In the mini series latest episode, Oliver Heldens chats about his breakout 2014 hit ‘Gecko‘ which launched the house superstar onto the scene,

“‘Gecko‘ I made with my parents – I went on a holiday we drove the car to the south of France and in the car actually I made Gecko…it was kind of like the first deep house/tech-house track which blew up in the mainstage EDM world. Don’t feel too rushed…it’s really important to take time to develop your own style and even your taste as a DJ.”

Check out the most recent episode of Musical Freedom Focus with Oliver Heldens below: