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Premiere: NERVO’s ‘What Would You Do For Love’ gets impressive music video

New music from everyone’s favourite Aussie twins is always an exciting prospect, but topping that with an official video is the icing on the cake. NERVO have become one of the most loved acts in the electronic music scene, with their high energy NERVO Nation showcases and wild hairstyles, but Liv and Mim’s success comes down to their impeccable productions. The latest track to fit into the collection is ‘What Would You Do For Love‘, a pop-dance crossover track packed with blissful vocals from the girls and Davis Naish. The official music video is set to drop this Friday, and is certainly worth a watch.

The video is set in the middle of the desert, shot “about 1 hr out of LA on a sweltering hot day in June”, and the duo star as police officers awaiting the interception of a masked Pawn Shop thief. Bearing a helmet, the man takes to his motorcycle and progresses to the point that Liv and Mim catch him, only to realise that it is not who they expected. As the video cuts between the present scenes and past memories, the duo’s connection to the man lead him to be let free. The video contains plenty of action, however is more meaningful in its message and fits the track expertly.

NERVO said on the music video:

We liked the idea of making a video that was ironic this time. Beastie Boys’ Sabotage‘ video was one that we referenced for inspiration.

Their positions as police officers fit this quote explicitly, as they sit by the road waiting for something to happen, eating donuts and twirling their guns around. The purpose of the video was not particularly to put them in the limelight, echoed by the girls who explain how they “didn’t want to be lip syncing too much” during the video, but instead to find “the perfect balance of story telling, irony and fun”. The execution of their objectives for the music video is flawless, and the girls have once again provided an incredible setting for this spectacular production.

Check the video out for NERVO’s track ‘What Would You Do For Love‘ here:

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