Nicky Romero tomorrowland

Nicky Romero’s set list for Tomorrowland weekend two has been revealed

After an already incredible weekend one performance from Protol Recordings head-honcho Nicky Romero, the Dutchman has come back for more at weekend two with yet another phenomenal set. Taking a break from the ever glorious Tomorrowland Mainstage, this time Nicky greeted the Smash The House Stage with a resoundingly warm welcome.

While the hull of the set remained roughly the same, there were some carefully nodded tweaks and changes made in Nicky’s second outing at the Boom-based festival. While Romero only debuted one ID, which technically already has a working title in ‘Just A Ghost‘ with fellow producer Stadiumx – the set gave way to thousands of enthralled fans.

Playing out tunes from smaller names such as Shapov, Raiden, and Mosimann Nicky proved still has an affinity for growing producers amidst his crazily expansive catalogue (which was mainly featured in his set). Although no official audio has been released for Nicky Romero’s weekend two set by himself or Tomorrowland some unofficial recordings are floating around.

It’s all thanks to 1001tracklists who are credited on the co-signing of Nicky’s official setlist for the visual breakdown and comparison between Nicky Romero’s weekend one and weekend two set switch-ups. Although a busy man, Nicky kept the set rather intact as previously stated. With the only notable changes coming in the form of the inclusion of his newest release with Taio Cruz, and a mystery remix of the track as well as including acapellas here and there for more flavour. Aforementioned details aside, Nicky kept true to his prepared set for fans that missed weekend one’s festivities.

Regardless, it’s about the reception and Nicky Romero once again stole the show. Check out the setlist for his weekend two performance via 1001tracklists here.