LIVE: Paul Kalkbrenner brings twisted beats to Tomorrowland mainstage

Berlin’s Paul Kalkbrenner is a unique international talent. In fact, with seven studio albums and more than 2 million Facebook fans, he is one of techno’s biggest superstars. Playing to the Tomorrowland mainstage right now, Kalkbrenner’s demanding compositions are full of energy, and take the listener away from the everyday, into rapture – into art, ecstasy, absurdity friendship, hope and love.

After releasing on independent labels for 15 years, Paul decided to take the next step and signed a long-term deal with Sony Music International/Columbia in 2015. Kalkbrenner then went back to his studio to finish his seventh studio album and create a new live show. You can catch his set right here on the Tomorrowland live stream as the first weekend of the 2018 festival comes to a close.

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