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Porter Robinson celebrates his birthday by shouting out producers

Many artists celebrate their birthday by performing a live show in Vegas or going for dinner with their family and friends. In Porter Robinson‘s case, he decided to use the opportunity to shine light on producers that he felt deserved more attention. Over a period of almost 2 hours, the American DJ brought attention to a number of artists spanning the electronic music spectrum, from Mat Zo to Nina Las Vegas.

In a heartwarming series of tweets, Porter Robinson used the focus around his birthday to give shout outs to some of his favourite artists. The response was truly overwhelming, with the tweets receiving thousands of likes and retweets. The tweets will undoubtedly result in many fans listening to some of the artists mentioned for the very first time and could have a huge impact on their careers, particularly the artists who are rising stars. The electronic music industry is often monopolized by those already at the top leaving little room for newcomers to break through, making tweets like Porter Robinson’s all the more important.

Take a look at the full list of tweets below.

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