Premiere: RavenKis – Glorious

French maverick Ravenkis unleashes pure progressive glory with his latest track “Glorious”. Ravenkis has made huge strides in the past 5 years and cemented his position among the league of super producers at work today. Supported by names like Steve Angello and Axwell, the producers magic has been tried and tested. Working within the progressive house paradigm for the majority of his music, Ravenkis places emphasis on massive melodies, big-room energy, and insurmountable drive. “Glorious” is being released as a free download on his Soundcloud account.

Ravenkis is the pioneer behind the label Owls Records, an independent label orientated towards forward thinking house music. “Glorious” sets a firm precedent for the many more records soon to be uncovered throughout the summer and into the fall. As an artist who has steadily been gaining momentum over the years, Ravenkis has offered insight and wisdom regarding the musical process and the heuristics he works with to get his music to the next level. During an interview at Festival Pharaonic 2018, Pierre-Louis Calme mentioned how important it is to not become influenced by radios and big labels. He also states how working to try to develop your own sound can be an effective tool to maximize your musical integrity.

Ravenkis maintains a philosophy of quality over quantity and works to produce a few quality releases over the timespan of a year or so. Similar to Otto Knows, the French DJ prefers to release and focus in on a few tracks at a time, rather than be constantly releasing new music. “Glorious” is a true testament to his philosophy, with a very clean mix and attention to detail, Ravenkis left nothing behind in the studio. Loaded with a soaring melody perfect for arenas, the producers signature style is fully alive in this latest release. Similar to his 2017 success “Stellar”, a rich and dreamy lead line runs over the track start to finish.

With releases on Axtone, Size, and Spinnin’, Ravenkis delivers another massive track!