Quackson – Promise Me

Seattle-based producer Jackson Wells, aka Quackson, is back with his latest hard-hitting Dubetsp anthem, ‘Promise Me‘. He is a founder of Seattle-based music and artistic collective WAVES Presents and helps curate events centred around electronic music. Specializing in a variety of bass music subgenres, Quackson’s heavy basslines are sure to shake the ground and amaze the crowd on any occasion.

Boasting a dark and ominous intro, an ascending lead synth sets the tone before the build-up seamlessly enters, perfectly setting up listeners for the fierce drop. Backed by the rock-solid bassline, a dirty, distorted synth dominates the airwaves, as listeners are left grimacing in awe. While the second break closely resembles the first, the intensity reaches another level in the second drop, as a bright, loud lead synth adds the icing on the cake.

Having quickly built an impressive resume recently, Wells has released 5 tracks in just 3 months. His most successful release came in the form of ‘Psychosis‘, a collaboration with Canadian producer KRILLA that blurred the lines between Electro House and Dubstep. Notching up more than 81,000 plays, Wells proved he’s more than capable of churning out a smash-hit or two.

Be sure to listen to ‘Promise Me’ below and download it for free here.

Melbourne-based Journalist, producer and DJ. Completed a Diploma of Audio Production at SAE Institute and loves everything from Jazz to Disco.

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