Relive Armin van Buuren & Deadmau5’s unreleased collaboration

When Deadmau5 openly invited trance master Armin van Buuren to collaborate together back in 2012, the electronic music world strapped in ready to witness the coming together of two mighty dance music legends who have graced the music industry with nothing short of perfection. Juggernaut music producers in their own rights, the colliding worlds of two unique sounds was a revitalising lift and music to the ears of electronic dance fans around the world. But all the elation and excitement turned to a pool of disappointment and the collaboration that everybody wanted came to an end and was never released after Deadmau5 announced he ‘became bored with the collaboration’ during a live stream in 2014.

But while fans endlessly ponder its success story, the collaboration titled ‘Let Them Know‘ was a track destined to dominate the airwaves and earn itself a spot in EDM fans favourite tracks of all times. Its powerful synth design rippled through the neck hairs and made them stand tall as the basslines and blissful melodies oozed euphoria, the type you would find in any Armin or Deadmau5 production. While the collaboration featured on Deadmau5’s SoundCloud, the track was removed, however, fans are still able to enjoy its beautiful beats.

Though we can hope both Deadmau5 and Armin van Buuren potentially revisit the thought of collaborating again, Deadmau5 recently teamed up with Rob Swire for the sensational track ‘Monophobia‘ which has all the succulent synths one could ask for. Relive the epic collaboration of ‘Let Them Know‘ below and tell us what you think of this unreleased track.