Rezz x 1788-L – H E X

There is no stopping the unrivalled talent of Canadian music producer Rezz as she continues to dominate electronic dance music with her menacing soundscapes and remarkable performances that simply keep her fans on their toes. After announcing that she would be dropping two tracks from her upcoming albumCertain Kind Of Magic‘, Isabelle Rezazadeh has released an incredible monstrous collaboration titled ‘H E X‘ together with a new artist 1788-L. Keeping true to the dark-toned nature of Rezz’s sound, ‘H E X‘ is a boundary-less production that oozes the very best ability the 23-year-old can cook up in the studio.

Talking of the track Rezz explains:

“H E X is one of my heavier tracks. It was one of the easiest and most fluid collaborations I have ever done.”

One of her heavier productions indeed, there is no denying the true power of ‘H E X‘ until you fully experience the track from start to finish. Lunging basslines, rocket-fueled synths, and chops that send you back and forth is just everything and more you would expect to find in a Rezz production of this quality.
H E X‘ has already received huge support from fans and is proving a huge hit with mainstream EDM fans alike. The track featured in Rezz’s EDC Las Vegas set in May where the music producer opened her electrifying performance with the track in question. While her 2017 full-length album titled ‘Mass Manipulation’ caused a storm with scintillating tracks such as ‘Relax‘ and ‘DRUGS!‘, ‘Certain Kind Of Magic’ will no doubt be filled with the same thunderous and hard-hitting productions when the upcoming album drops on August 3rd. Listen to the wild sounds of Rezz and 1788-L in ‘H E X‘ below.